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Don't sleep on this Company

I purchased this product with excitement. Although, I've never heard of this company before. But since they offered this water block for my ZOTAC 4080, I decided to give them a shot. And let me add that this company ships out products very fast if you purchase early the same day, they will ship it out same day. And when you receive it, You will be pleased at the packaging. Not to mention you get 2 free Sour Patches. Yes, I did say Sour Patches (The Candy). Anyway, I am super pleased with the product. Easy installation. The In-N-Out holes, are embedded onto the plexiglass. I am super pleased with this company and I will purchase from them again. So far I've purchased this GPU Water Block, I've also purchased a CPU Water Block, and 2x 360mm Radiators all BYKSKI. If you know what you doing, You will be content with this product and company. Sadly, there are not that much reviews of this company out there on YouTube. BYKSKI, if you're reading this hook a brother up with some products I'll definitely start a YouTube to review them. :)


I've been working with Bykski for YEARS on all of my crazy water cooled projects, and all of these parts always look and perform so well. Even when I do teardown of blocks, there hasn't been any problems with metal shavings or anything being damaged. You love to see it!

well delivery was made but not to my apartment I had to go track it down outside because they decided to deliver it to another apartment number. but wish all in all its a great test bench

Keeps the RTX 2080ti cool

I only this weekend got my new to me pc running and liquid cooled. Gaming on a bit of a budget. Just built a pc with a delidded 8700k also with a water block from Bykski and this Zotac 2080ti water block.

So far I love the thing. The RGB is bright and strong and the GPU's peak temp during stress testing has been only 53C.

I only have 3 minor complaints.
The water block had virtually no instructions.
The included black screws that implied could be used with the factory back plate(with modifications) were too long in some places.
The fins seem to hold onto micro bubbles, which is honestly more my fault for running the pump dry. However they are persistent.

Once the micro bubbles make their way out, I can start to overclock the cpu and gpu.

Awesome waterblock for my Gigabyte 7900XTX

Awesome waterblock! My only issue was the lack on installation instructions! I looked around online to find help and found a video on youtube showing how, but I'm not 100% comfortable that I did it exactly right since BySki didn't provide their own instructions. Aside from that, this thing rocks! My 7900XTX barely hits 50C under extended max load! Would definitely recommend!

Hey Andrew,
Thanks for the positive review! Printed instructions aren't provided for the wide variety of available GPU block models, but we do provide installation guides in the image gallery.

Water Block and Backplate For GIGABYTE Radeon RX 7900 XTX GAMING OC (A-GV7900XTXGMOC-X)

The water block works perfectly. no problem.

Thank you very much.

Bykski CPU-XPR-C-M CPU Water Cooling Block - PMMA w/ 5v Addressable RGB (RBW)(for AMD Ryzen 3/5/7/9,AM4/AM3+/AM3)

Very good looking block!!

Not only does this block look amazing, it performs well too! My only complaints are there was one **** hole on the backplate that didn't have a spot to **** into. There were no threads on the gpu side. But you can't see it. So for me it's irrelevant. Glad a purchased this block over an ek block or a cheaper block. Love it!!


Installation was very simple and strait forward. Mine actually came with thermal pads and everything else needed to prep my GPU for a custom water loop. The RGB was a nice effect as well and worked with all associated color controlling software on my system. Bykski were the only product line out there that provided many water cooling options for many different GPUs (from mi-level to top tear) from as well. In short. . . And AWESOME Water block

Bykski DDR5 Copper Air Cooling Armor

Finally got around to putting these on, so I figured I'd write a review about them

They're substantial heatsinks, they have some heft. Stock settings after ~1 hour of running these versus what came with my Teamgroup DDR5 C36-7200 2x16 kit, there's a huge difference at stock settings. ~43°c vs ~50°c, though ironically when I removed the Teamgroup heatspreader and ran the dimms naked to test them even that ran cooler than their solution by a few degrees. Get what you pay for I guess

Used (KLE-GSW362) automotive wax remover to take the old heatspreaders off, soaked them for ~45 minutes each and they came right off with the help of a plastic spudger. Not that I'm recommending that: use that or your own solution at your own risk of course

Used the little strips that came with this kit for the memory and controller on the front, and 1.5mm Gelid GP-Ultimate thermal pads cut from a 120x120mm square covering the entirety of the back, excluding the RGB which I have no interest in cooling down

IMO, this is a very good product, well worth their cost if you're planning on trying to eke the most out of your system

The best!

As expected of bykski they have a very great quality products!
Love my distro plate lianli 011 dynamic evo <3

Very nice and professional service.

I been buying from Bykski for awhile all my fitting and pipes are from you guys. Great details and quality on merchandise. Great item.

Good ... but...

While having rotary functionality is super important, it does add another point of failure. I did have brand new fitting leaking past the o-ring at the rotary joint.

Works for My 3060

Someone asked if this does work for the Dual 3060 V2 (DUAL-RTX3060-12G-V2). It does! Cools well.

Water Cooling Connectors

Always a pleasure shopping at Bykski and quick shipping to boot.

Great little display, but.......

This is a great little inline display for flow and temperature monitoring. However the 4 pin molex pass-through connector needs work. The power wires for the display are small and break off the pins of the molex connector. I have put on a standard 4 pin molex after a few repairs. The hard mounted power wires are very fragile and I would like to see an improved solution for the power connection on both ends. Would be a 5 star product if there was a removable power connection on the meter side and they lost the pass-through molex on the other.

Lacking in Quality Control

The heatsinks ended up dropping the temps around 4-5c vs the stock heatspreaders without direct airflow.

There are some sharp/unrefined edges on the heatspreaders, some knicks of missing paint, and the included thermal pads are terrible; luckily I had some left over pads from other mods.

Probably would look elsewhere next time around.

Awesome reservoir!

Great reservoir! This was my first time doing a custom water cooling loop and I wanted a decently sized reservoir that would fit in my Fractal R6 case.

I love the way it looks and the RGB is an added bonus. The coolant temperature display is also very help and I'm glad I got that.

Beast of a Waterblock!

I made the unfortunate choice of buying a MSI Ventus 3090 GPU and wanted an active backplate. Initially I could not find anyone that made one for this card. Finally found Bykski had one.

The performance with this block has been fantastic. My core GPU temps have hit 52 C max and my vram temps have hit only 70 C max. With the stock cooler I would hit 70 C max on the core and between 94 to 100 C on the vram. So I got some very solid cooling performance. This is with coolant at around 35 to 40 C in a room at 27 C. I would probably be able to further improve the vram temps if I replaced the included 1.8mm squishy blue thermal pads with some higher performance ones. The blue ones are rated at 6.0 W/MK, you can get ones rated at 12.0 W/MK, but they are less squishy, so you would have to go with 1.5mm ones. Even then there might be issues with the GPU core making proper contact, etc.

The block looks great, especially with the rgb enabled!

The only issue I ran into really was the instructions, there were none included with the block, you have to check the site for them. Mine also came with some extra random screws that didn't seem to be required. Otherwise the install was pretty straight forward. It helped that I had taken the stock cooler off before when I replaced the original thermal pads.

Solid Radiator

Not much else to say about this one! Simply solid 360mm rad. Got two of these for my loop.

Great CPU Waterblock!

Great simple Waterblock. RGB looks really good. Only thing I'd say to keep in mind is the lower port is ideally the inlet. Something that I didn't know as it was my first time ever doing a water cooling build. So I had to drain my loop and swap around the hoses.

Cooling performance is pretty decent, but I have a Ryzen 7 5800X which just runs hot regardless.

The only other thing I'd say is that it is BIG. Make sure you have clearance around the CPU socket on your motherboard. I have a Aorus X570 Pro Wifi motherboard and it would hit the M.2 SSD heatsink right below the heatsink. So I would have to either remove it, or in my case, I took a dremel to it (the M.2 SSD heatsink) and grinded down the edge to allow for clearance.

As good as any but better price

Took a chance with a less expensive brand. I bought the CPU and a 4090 Strix GPU waterblock. Both work great and saved a few bucks in the process.

Bykski Distro Plate For NZXT H9 FLOW - PMMA w/ 5v Addressable RGB(RBW) (RGV-NZXT-H9 FLOW-P)

May require modifications.

It had multiple fitment issues, but it does work after making modifications.