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Bykski G1/4 Male to Female 180 Degree Triple Rotary Elbow Fitting (B-RD180-SK)

incredible thermal performance. one serious chunk of copper !

Temps never exceed 50 deg c no matter how much I load it . This card produces 235 watts worth of heat!I had hardware problems . Also the design they've got here has a full pound of copper coldplate suspended completely by graphics PCB , not good . You need solid connection between the case bracket and the cold plate ! Theyve got the coldplate attached to pcb , then they attach pcb to case bracket ! PCB not designed to be a weight bearing component. Its an electrical component
Thats the only complaint I have . It works beautifully provided you supply your own hardware to securely bolt heavy coldplate to case bracket ( or anything else just not hang off pcb ).
Alphacool gpu waterblocks always have tapped hole in either acrylic cover and case bracket or directly to coldplate and case bracket , very solid and stable .
Never leaked a drop . It comes fully assembled and I've never taken it apart .
Also there is no backplate !
You need some type of cover to protect pcb and components .
You could drop a part while assembling and ruin your graphics card !

Bykski G 1/4in. Male to Female Quick Disconnect Fitting (CC-FWP-X-V4-MF) - Black

very good tubing, soft but does not kink at all in bends of 90 degrees

Very helpful

To bad the product came to me looking slightly used.

Granzon PWM DDC pump

Amazing very easy to install and use. Perfect pump would recommend for new builders just getting into liquid cooling or have been doing it for a while!

16 water channels Vs only 14 on competing brand !

The radiator is simply excellent . No leaks and does the job very well cooling I9-13900KS cpu and RTX 4080 super gpu . Fans get loud when everything is at 100% but we are talking about 700 watts . Alphacool radiators are touted as the best "full copper" radiator . I had one of those and returned it ! First it only had 14 water channels Vs 16 channels on Bykski 420mm radiator . Second Alphacool radiator is very light weight compared to Bykski . This leads me to question alphacools "full copper " claim . Copper is heavy ....and so is Bykski radiator
PLEASE INCLUDE 35mm long M3 screws . All 140mm fans these days are 30mm thick . Its the only complaint I had , hardware

Looks used.

These items were supposed to be new but there are either scratches or chiped paint. I got these before and they were perfect. Don't know what happened to these.

Sleek well built Block

After purchasing the Asus TUF 4090 OC OG I realized the different PCB severely limited water block options. Compared to the competitions over reliance on RGB and plexi this block is extremely sleek and well built. I do wish there were some RGB accents though. This block easily cools the 4090 and it's VRM with temps never hitting north of 55°C during even the most demanding games. Even during benchmarks this card stays cool. I am very impressed with build quality and aesthetics and look forward to more Granzon products in the future!

This is such a high quality product

Once I received this product after order I was blown away. The acrylics clarity fitment and finish is beyond description. The overall quality of the product is absolutely gorgeous.
The black coating on the outside of the unit I couldn't tell if it was a matte textured finish of the paint, or if the metal had been shot-peened then coated after. The finish is so uniformal it beats the fit and finish of some of the most expensive parts I've ever bought in Motorsports.
The level of detail an overall product quality as made me purchase so much more from this company because the products are just so good.

I ordered the wrong part but it's that beautifully made I didn't send it back

So am I giddiness to purchase further products from Bykski, I accidentally ordered the wrong water block for my CPU. However when it arrived I was absolutely blown away by the products quality finish fitment and design. To the point that I didn't want to send it back and instead give it to a close friend to use in his system and sure him just how good the products are from Bykski.

The acrylic has amazing clarity, the machining is absolutely gorgeous now that may seem geeky but I come from a world where billet parts or CnC'ed parts, can be make or break. The overall finish is beyond stunning. The paint to finish the outside of the block itself I couldn't tell if it was a matte textured powder coat or if the metal had been leaned, then coated. The finish is so uniformal it is beyond that of most expensive parts in the car industry.

Since then I have purchased more equipment from this company and I will continue to do so.

They borrowed my card to make this and it's absolutely brilliant

I reached out to Bykski directly roughly four months ago. to make a water block that was compatible with my GPU, as there wasnt one available on the market. So shipped to china, talked with the team over email. Card arrived damaged like it had been used as a cushion. They found a reputable repair in china and then carried out the making of the block.

Arrived a month later, and I'm not kidding this product is absolutely amazing. The quality is beyond that of other brands I have used in the past. The customer service, communication and overall work throughout was next to none. I would highly recommend this and other products they make and sell. (Check out the 80mm and 60mm radiators...)

Honestly you get this product and **** that well made it's basically artwork.

High quality beyond what you would even expect

I reached out to Bykski directly roughly four months ago. to make a water block that was compatible with my GPU. since then I have ordered so much more as the quality, overall service, and product finish is so much more beyond EK, coolance and so many other brands.

this radiator in particular is so well built I cannot fully put into words, but I will try. I come from a background of modifying vehicles, and work with cooling systems from bar and plate cores and tube and fin. The core itself reminds me of the Garret and mocal units used for Motorsport oil cooling. The fins between the veins not only overlap internally but do so informally. Without testing I can see this is such a high quality unit and not just a random mass purchased and rebadged product like that of other brands. The finish and coating is amazing and the cost is worth the product the customer receives. awesome, simply awesome.
I have since ordered the 320mm unit with a 60mm core.

Works perfectly !

First time using these guys for my water cooling and the block is compact size and fits perfectly.

Looks Great

Waiting for missing screws. Fantastic Customer Service easy to talk to fast response. Would recommend Byskski.US.

We're sorry for the oversight and happy our team could help you take care of the issue!

It actually fits

Unlike the EKWB one I Wanted and that I was told it would fit. This one actually fits my GPU. Actually crazy to see someone make a block for a single GPU like this. (Gigabyte 4080 super gaming OC)


Happy with the product and the delivery time. 👍

Granzon GAI0.1 CPU Water Cooling Block (for Intel LGA 115x,1200,1700,1800,2011,2066)

++++Super++++Top Quality++++

Very very good quality

Works Great

At first I didn’t think it would be that good but it turned out to be great keeps my 4070 dual OC at top temp of 47c even overclocked

Very nice

High quality and keeps my gpu cool for a good price

Fantastic Products

The valve works great and I have 2 of them so far. All the rest of Bykski's fittings that I've used on this build are also just what I wanted, I will be buying more!

the best fittings

As I am still building I haven't put and fluid to it yet. But the threading was perfect, did what I needed it to do.