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Works Great For AM5

Installed this once I got the updated screws for AM5. Has worked great and kept my temperatures steady for my 7800X3D.

Great parts

I got a mix of Bykski and Primochill fittings for my hard tubing water cooling loop I am working on. Where some of the Primochill fittings are tight on some of the parts, the Bykski threaded on like a dream. I had to use this extension to make the Primochill fitting work. They are a higher precision mill and a better quality. Bykski made a believer and a loyal customer out of me. Sorry Primochill, but I will still buy some of my products from them as they are good.

Works perfectly on PNY 4070 Ti SUPER

Works perfectly on PNY 4070 Ti SUPER

I am using this block on my tuf 3080 10Gb and so far it is working great. The extra screws I had that I didn't end up using at all had me concerned, but so far temps are great and they weren't mentioned in the directions anywhere so I'm not entirely sure what they would be for.

Cheap junk

Only good thing was quick shipping past that, it's trash. Old trash too..

as ordered, color and paint very good

very happy with looks and performance

First time water cooling

For my first time water cooling this was the easiest it could have been 😅, comes with everything you need and extras except for gpu paste. Looks great keeps temps down 10 degrees cooler without fans spinning at 100 percent anymore 😁. Works great on the 6900xt gaming x trio

Leaks and no replacement was ever made. Don’t buy it

Really nice looking and well performing pump/res combo. Love that it comes with a remote to quickly adjust pump speed.

Fit perfectly

The 7900 XT Hellhound block fits perfectly, keeps temps in check. No hotspot issues here, hotspot stays under 50C after lengthy sessions. Great block!

Awesome block. Very easy to install and very durable.

Durable and easy to install. Don't forget to install the 2 small pads as it's easy to overlook

Looks great and keeps card cool

Never found place to put inner screws but it's working fine so don't care.

It works

Firstly. I can confirm this block works with all PNY 4090 cards. I have the PNY Verto Triple fan 4090 (all black model) and this block mounts to the GPU. I have this block in a triple 420 radiator loop and at idle GPU temp is roughly 23-25 degrees. Peak temperature under extreme 30 minute stress test was 41 degrees. There is plenty of headroom with temps.

RGB is awesome on this block. By far the best block out for PNY 4090 GPU’s

Great fittings

Quality and color is spot on. Will recommend them and use them in future builds as well.

It’s adequate but not great for the $$$

For the price it’s not a great value. Have it mounted to a PNY 4090 ref and it’s imperfectly adequate.

My gripes:
- No instructions included. QR codes meant for instructions dont direct you to them. Not a problem for me, but for others not familiar with these things, definitely an issue

-No single slot bracket included: So you don’t get one of the largest benefits of a single slot card.

-Back plate is a lazy design: a rectangular backplate with only 3 areas to secure it to the card. The 3 areas being at the corners. This is annoying because clamping pressure is uneven, and you can literally see the back plate become lopsided. It’s quite thick, heavy and flat, with no milled areas to emphasize contact points. Standoffs are just nuts, instead of milled extrusions. Again, very lazy and nearly worthless.

-Questionable quality thermal pads: the product didn’t instill confidence in me that the thermal pads would be decent. They were all squished and spilling from the boundaries of their film. Just to be safe I used Arctic pads at the same thickness.

My likes:
Rear facing inlets: These pcb’s are so wide already, more companies need to do this. This was the ONLY reason I went with this waterblock.

No frills, low key design: No rgb, no acrylic, just all business. I love it

Final thoughts: worth well under what it’s being sold for. The price demands a better quality product from Bykski. Go with with competitors at this price range. Cut $100 off this price and I’d be more inclined to recommend it.

A welcome improvement

I bought these heatsinks to replace the stock G-skill heatsinks on my Hynix A-die, in addition to a fan pointed at the DIMMs. At 1.4v stock, the DIMMs would hit 69c. After the new heatsinks and fan, the same test at 1.5v hit 52c max. 17c improvement while increasing the voltage significantly.

3 PCIE Port Clearance

I had issues finding the right Waterblock for my Radeon 7900 XTX because of the 3rd PCIE Port on the GPU. This is definitely the right Waterblock for this model and had zero issues with my water cooling system after getting everything set up. Very satisfied with the product. It looks amazing in my new set up.

Great Kit - Cheaper than EK

This kit is great and the molds worked well for my build. Price is very competitive.

Great water block

Although it took me a while to figure out what screws went where (there weren't clear instructions i could find) I did manage to get it on in one go and my temps peak at 47c now. It's a great block and great look, just wish the instructions had been easy to find/ use.

Thanks for the review! The instructions are actually available in the product image gallery on the product listing. Good work getting it installed with them, though.

Requires filing before assembly

If you assemble this without filing of the front standoff of the waterblock, this standoff pushes the **** that attaches the card bracket to the card itself and dangerously bends the card PCB. Even after filing I still can't achieve good attachment of the waterblock to the GPU and my delta between water and GPU is about 50C now under FurMark load. More filing required.

Great product

This is exactly what I needed for my MSI 1700 chipset motherboard to use with my custom watercooling

Block to GH360N **** issues w/resolution

I had a challenge getting the GY-M block to mount to my GH360N radiator. The supplied scews appeared to be too short. They would only bite like 1-2 threads and would not engage. I discovered that the countersink bores in the bridge were of an inconsitent depth. Additionally the GH360N thread inserts were deeper on one side than the other. The combination of these factors kept the screws from fitting.

I ultimately purchased a counterbore bit to deepen the bores just a tad so the surface of the screws would be below the surface and purchased some M4x.7x25mm flathead screws. I shorted the M4 screws to ~22mm by grinding them down as 25mm is too long.

The picture below shows the very slight difference in the bore depth before I deeped the hole. It was enough to prevent me from making connection with stock screws. Even then the stock screws didn't go but a few threads so I went with the longer screws.

Happy to report everything is working great now.