GPU Block Search

Did not find your card listed?

Regrettably, we are unable to manufacture blocks for every graphics card; our efforts are focused on producing blocks for the most widely-used ones.
I am not sure of my graphic cards model number.

Manufacturers sometimes make alterations to the circuit board designs of certain cards within the same generation. While some manufacturers label the board version with a revision number on the packaging (e.g., Gigabyte), others display it directly on the board.

Does this block (XXXX) work with my graphics card?

The best way to check for complete compatibility is to search for your card in the "GPU Block Search".

If you have a card that is similar in name or model # and you want to see if it might be compatible, we have a form that we kindly ask you to fill out so that we can assist you in finding a solution for your GPU.

Please make sure to complete this form in full.

GPU Compatibility Form

What can I do to get my card added to the request database?

We have created a form for requesting blocks that are not found in the "GPU Block Search." Please ensure that you fill out this form in its entirety.

GPU Request Form